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        Assist in rescue, fearless of danger! China International Fire Expo Zoomlion Heavy Industries Launches High Mobility Forward Command Vehicle

        The release date:2023-10-16 Author:The station Subordinate to the column:Recent news

        In recent years, in the face of frequent natural disasters, rescue and communication work has become crucial. At the 20th China International Fire Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition, Zoomlion Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. launched a brand new high mobility forward command fire truck - TZ3000. The car adopts Dongfeng Mengshi 4 × The 4-wheel drive military chassis is equipped with advanced mobile communication satellite antennas, digital car radios, high-definition pan tilt cameras, hard disk recorders, high-definition hybrid matrices, and other communication and command equipment, with efficient and smooth communication and command capabilities.

        Breaking through the limits, outstanding forward thrust off-road performance

        The TZ3000 high mobility forward thrust command fire truck adopts a full wheel drive military chassis, with a maximum wading depth of 1.2m, an approach angle of 45 °, and a departure angle of 35 °, providing excellent passability. In critical situations, it is fearless like a fierce warrior and can arrive at the rescue site as soon as possible, providing strong off-road support for emergency rescue. Vehicle deployment is flexible and responsive, breaking through the operational limits of traditional equipment.

        24/7 support, excellent communication and command capabilities

        Advanced communication and command equipment and onboard generators ensure strong communication and command capabilities continue to operate. The in motion communication system can ensure the rapid establishment of communication with the command center during travel, providing all-weather support for rescue communication, and providing highly mobile communication support equipment for responding to various disasters, especially natural disasters such as forest fires and earthquakes. A reliable power management system, including a power take-off generator, power amplification module, and UPS system, ensures uninterrupted power supply to the entire vehicle system and ensures continuous operation in emergency situations.

        Multi channel communication, remote control, and safer data transmission

        The vehicle has multi-channel communication capabilities and can handle multiple communication channels simultaneously, such as satellite communication, wireless shortwave communication, mobile network communication, etc., greatly increasing the stability and reliability of communication. In communication operations, remote control can be used to enable the command center to understand the operation status of communication equipment in real-time and assist the command center in making timely decisions. The communication distance between the vehicle mounted radio and the fire handheld radio is greater than 3km, and the transmission of individual image transmission equipment images is clear and continuous. The communication system adopts advanced encryption technology to ensure the security and privacy protection of the communication process.

        The TZ3000 high mobility forward command fire truck, as another new product launched by Zoomlion Heavy Industries, breaks through tradition and focuses on complex scene rescue support. It is the core equipment for advance support and communication establishment in urban fires, mountainous or remote areas, natural disaster sites, large-scale accident sites, and adverse weather scenarios.

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