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      1. 0421-3726633
        About Us

        The strong machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Was founded in 1992, is a production of cement, mining machinery complete sets of equipment and accessories professional manufacturer. Mainly producing all kinds of ball mill, jaw crusher, magnetic separator, pole machine, rotary kiln, feeder, etc. Our factory is a machining, welding, foundry industry as one of the heavy machinery factory. Enterprise passed the ISO9001-2000 quality certification and accreditation.
        This factory 5 meters 5 m vertical lathe, gear hobbing machine and automatic welding medium, such as equipment, powerful processing, testing means complete, can provide complete sets of equipment such as cement, building materials factory, concentrator, also can undertake projects for the user to process design, equipment selection, equipment modification, site installation, etc.
        We rely on strong leadership, design and manufacture of experienced engineering and technical personnel,

        Strong sun SAN machinery co., LTD. On location 

        Strong sun SAN machinery co., LTD. Office area

        Strong sun SAN machinery co., LTD. Plant

        Strong sun SAN machinery co., LTD., factory building interior

        Chaoyang SAN strong machinery manufacturing co., LTD
        Address: north three dragons in chaoyang city telephone: Mr. Li
        Tech support: inscription that network
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