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        About Us
        About Us

        "People-oriented" is the core of our human resources management concept. We emphasize staff is the most important resource of enterprises, trust staff, respect for employees, rely on the staff, the main body position of employees in management, stimulate vitality and spirit of innovation, and realize the comprehensive and free development of staff, the goal of enterprise and employee development goals to achieve consistently.

        The center of gravity of the knowledge staff is our human resources management. Knowledge staff is to master and use symbols and concepts, use knowledge and information, they create, support, and development of the enterprise, is the owner of the enterprise, in the management, we pay more attention to cultivate their sense of responsibility and team a sense of belonging, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, realizes the enterprise and employees common persistence

        Chaoyang SAN strong machinery manufacturing co., LTD
        Address: north three dragons in chaoyang city telephone: Mr. Li
        Tech support: inscription that network
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